Slate Asset Management’s Steelport: A Game-Changer for Hamilton’s Waterfront

Slate Asset Management’s ambitious venture, the proposed Steelport industrial park, has reached a significant milestone with the submission of an application for a draft plan of subdivision. Spanning across 805.8 acres along Hamilton’s waterfront, Steelport aims to rejuvenate the area while providing direct access to key transportation routes, including the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence […]

Understanding How Receiverships Shape Residential Projects in Canada

In recent years, Canada’s real estate market has witnessed the emergence of a significant trend: the increasing number of stalled residential development projects leading to receiverships. This phenomenon, while not entirely new, has gained prominence, particularly in urban centers, raising concerns among investors, developers, and homeowners alike. As stakeholders grapple with the implications, it becomes […]

The Transformation of Industrial Districts: The redevelopment of old industrial districts into residential neighborhoods in cities like Hamilton

The Canadian urban landscape is witnessing a profound transformation as old industrial districts undergo redevelopment into vibrant residential neighbourhoods. This trend, epitomized by cities like Hamilton, Ontario, represents a significant shift in urban planning and development strategies, reflecting changing economic realities and a growing demand for urban living spaces. Historically, industrial districts served as the […]

Neighborhood Profiles: How Community Characteristics Influence Real Estate Values

The value of a property is significantly shaped by more than just its physical attributes and amenities. Community characteristics play a pivotal role in influencing real estate values, often dictating the desirability and demand for properties within various neighbourhoods. As the Real Estate News Network delves deeper into neighbourhood profiles across Canada, it becomes evident […]

High-Density Jericho Lands Project Approved by Vancouver City Council

The Vancouver City Council has given the green light to a groundbreaking high-density development project, known as the Jericho Lands project, transforming a 36-hectare site on the city’s west side. This major project is a significant collaboration between the MST Development Corporation, representing three First Nations, and the Canada Lands Company (CLC), a federal Crown […]

Canada Announces Reduction in International Student Admissions Following Application Decrease

Canada is set to introduce significant changes to its policy on international students, signaling a departure from its previously open approach. The Government of Canada has announced plans to implement a two-year cap on study permits, alongside making work permits more challenging to obtain. This decision comes amidst growing international scrutiny of Canada’s study programs, […]

Vancouver’s Office Market Shows Signs of Stability Amid National Challenges

As Canada grapples with fluctuating office space dynamics, Vancouver’s Vancouver office market is making strides towards stability, a contrast to the national landscape characterized by high vacancy rates and tentative tenant absorption. Vancouver’sVancouver’s Encouraging Performance In 2023, Vancouver’s downtown office market witnessed a significant uptick in tenant activity, with 292,000 square feet of office space […]

Addressing Canada’s Population Surge: National Bank Economists Suggest Immigration Limit

Canada’s unprecedented population growth through immigration is placing considerable strain on its economic infrastructure, prompting economists from the National Bank to recommend a significant curb in immigration levels. Economists Stéfane Marion and Alexandra Ducharme have raised concerns, indicating that the country is currently in a “population trap,” unprepared for the rapid influx of new residents. […]