High-Density Jericho Lands Project Approved by Vancouver City Council

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The Vancouver City Council has given the green light to a groundbreaking high-density development project, known as the Jericho Lands project, transforming a 36-hectare site on the city’s west side. This major project is a significant collaboration between the MST Development Corporation, representing three First Nations, and the Canada Lands Company (CLC), a federal Crown corporation.

The Jericho Lands development is poised to introduce approximately 13,000 new homes, catering to around 24,000 residents. This ambitious project not only focuses on residential space but also integrates commercial, light industrial, and retail businesses and is expected to create around 3,000 job opportunities. Key features of the development include:

  • Around 2,600 units of social housing.
  • Approximately 1,300 secured market and below-market rentals.
  • Childcare facilities have 259 spaces for children aged 0-4 and 240 spaces for children aged 5-12.
  • Twenty acres of park space and 10 acres of public open spaces.
  • Community center, arts, cultural, and social spaces, including spaces dedicated to the MST Nations.
  • A new elementary school and potential SkyTrain station as part of the UBCx Jericho Lands project.

The project is not just about urban development; it’s a significant step in reconciliation, highlighting the culture, history, and aspirations of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. The project is seen as a reclamation of heritage and an opportunity to shape a future that reflects Indigenous values and traditions.

Despite its benefits, the project has faced some opposition from local residents. Concerns have been raised about the scale and density of the buildings, their environmental impact, and potential effects on traffic and infrastructure. The city council has acknowledged these concerns, emphasizing that comprehensive hydrogeological and environmental studies will precede the first phase of rezoning.

The project, expected to unfold over 25-30 years, is seen as a key component in Vancouver’s vision for sustainable and inclusive urban development. The proposal also hinges on the extension of the Broadway subway line to UBC, with a proposed station at the development site, although funding for this extension has not yet been secured.

This development marks a significant step towards modern urban planning, integrating housing, employment, and cultural spaces while embracing the principles of reconciliation and sustainable development.

For further details on the Jericho Lands project, readers can explore more information on the official City of Vancouver website.

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