Kim and Howard Team: The GTA’s Real Estate Solution Providers

kim and howard

With over 15 years of experience, Kim and Howard Team is renowned for their ability to assist clients in finding their dream homes and making profitable real estate investments. Their reputation as “The Solution Providers” reflects their dedication to delivering excellence and assuring customer satisfaction. Their expertise covers the residential, commercial, and pre-construction sectors, allowing […]

Don Scott’s Frank Mortgage: Changing How We Think About Home Loans

Don Scott, our latest guest on the RENN podcast, is the CEO and owner of Frank Mortgage. Don Scott is a veteran in the mortgage market with over 30 years of experience. His journey began on the Capital Market side of the business, where he worked for financial giants like CIBC, Deutsche Bank, and Maple […]

How Much Are Pre Construction Condos in Toronto?

how much are pre construction condos in toronto

Toronto’s pre-construction condo market in 2024 presents a dynamic and thriving landscape, offering a variety of choices for both investors and homebuyers. With a range of prices influenced by factors like location, unit size, and amenities, this market caters to diverse preferences, reflecting the vibrant and ever-evolving nature of the city. From luxurious units in […]

How Much Down Payment For a Pre Construction Condo?

how much down payment for a pre construction condo

Selecting the right down payment for a pre-construction condo is a crucial decision for any investor or homebuyer. This choice is influenced by factors like developer guidelines, market trends, and the property’s location. Understanding these elements is essential, as they not only affect the upfront cost but also have long-term financial implications. In this context, […]

How Long Does Pre Construction Termite Treatment Last?

how much are pre construction condos in toronto

The effectiveness of pre-construction termite treatment can vary, but it typically lasts around 5 to 10 years. One critical aspect that is often overlooked is the prevention of termite infestation. Termites can cause significant structural damage, leading to costly repairs. Implementing effective pre-construction termite treatments is a proactive approach to safeguard buildings from these destructive […]

How Long Does Pre Construction Take?

how long does pre construction take

The pre-construction phase is a critical period where planning and preparation take place, setting the stage for the actual building process. This phase, influenced by various factors, determines the project’s trajectory in terms of its feasibility, design, and eventual success.  Understanding the dynamics of project complexity and size, regulatory environment, stakeholder coordination, financing and budget […]

Do You Need a Mortgage for Pre Construction?

do you need a mortgage for pre construction

Navigating the process of securing a mortgage for a pre-construction property requires a strategic and informed approach. This journey, distinct from traditional home buying, demands an in-depth understanding of various aspects, from the initial mortgage pre-approval to managing the intricacies of loan disbursement and rate locks.  Experienced professionals, especially real estate lawyers, are crucial in […]

Do I Need a Realtor to Buy a Pre Construction?

do i need a realtor to buy a pre construction

A realtor is not required to buy a pre-construction property, but they can be beneficial for their expertise and market knowledge. If you have experience in real estate or direct developer contacts, you might manage without one. However, be mindful of potential risks like missing important details or negotiation challenges.  Advantages of Having a Realtor […]

Can You Sell a Pre Construction Condo?

can you sell a pre construction condo

Yes, you can sell a pre-construction condo, but it involves navigating legal considerations, market dynamics, and contractual obligations. Legal Considerations and Contracts Selling a pre-construction condo involves a complex array of legal considerations and contractual elements that must be carefully navigated. One of the primary concerns is the initial purchase agreement with the developer. This […]

Can You Negotiate Pre Construction Prices?

can you negotiate pre construction prices

Yes, you can negotiate pre-construction prices, often leveraging factors such as market conditions, developer’s financial needs, and your deposit size or payment terms. Understanding the Market Research Thoroughly When entering the realm of pre-construction real estate, your strongest asset is comprehensive market research. This phase involves diving deep into the historical and current trends of […]