How Much Are Pre Construction Condos in Toronto?

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Toronto’s pre-construction condo market in 2024 presents a dynamic and thriving landscape, offering a variety of choices for both investors and homebuyers. With a range of prices influenced by factors like location, unit size, and amenities, this market caters to diverse preferences, reflecting the vibrant and ever-evolving nature of the city. From luxurious units in prime areas to more affordable options in up-and-coming neighborhoods, the pre-construction condo market in Toronto is a key focus for those aiming to invest in or own property in this bustling metropolis.

Average Pre-Construction Condo Price

In 2024, Toronto’s pre-construction condo market remains robust and dynamic, presenting diverse options for buyers and investors. This vibrancy is evident in the variety of price points, which are influenced by factors such as location, the size of the units, and the range of amenities offered. These condos cater to various preferences and budgets, reflecting the city’s eclectic and ever-evolving nature. Whether upscale units in prime locations or more affordable options in emerging neighbourhoods, Toronto’s pre-construction market continues to be a focal point for those looking to invest in or own a piece of this bustling metropolis.

NeighborhoodAverage  Price
Downtown Toronto$599,990+
Toronto Waterfront$601,900+
North York$615,000+
West Toronto$869,900+
Toronto (General)$699,000+
Liberty Village$649,900+
Toronto East$529,990+
Yonge Street, North York$745,000+
Eglinton Ave E and Laird DrLow $600,000s
Labatt AveLow $500,000s
Yonge StLow $1,200,000s
Delisle AveMid $1,100,000s
King St WMid $700,000s
Queens Quay East$749,990+
McCaul Street$824,900+

Market Insights

As of 2024, Toronto’s pre-construction condo market is marked by a series of insightful trends that underscore its robustness and growth potential. Key among these insights is the notable pricing trend, where the average price per square foot across all home types in Toronto is pegged at $1,270, with an impressive annual appreciation rate. This significant appreciation, averaging 12.2% annually over the past decade, highlights the market’s strong investment potential, driven by the city’s expanding economic and cultural influence. 

Additionally, the rental market dynamics add another layer of attractiveness to this sector, with an average rental rate of about $3,123 and a remarkably low vacancy rate of 1.6%, pointing towards a high demand for rental properties. This scenario is further buoyed by Toronto’s continuous population growth and the influx of young professionals, especially in the downtown area, escalating the need for housing. The prediction that Toronto will soon host the most high-rise condominiums globally is a testament to the market’s enduring vigour and potential. These factors collectively paint a picture of a pre-construction condo market that is not just thriving in the present but is also poised for sustained growth and profitability in the future.

Did you know?

Investment in building construction rose 1.7% to $19.8 billion in November. The residential sector grew 2.2% to $13.7 billion, while investment in the non-residential sector edged up 0.4% to $6.0 billion.

Why Invest in Toronto’s Pre-Construction Condos?

Economic Growth

Toronto’s economic landscape is a mosaic of robust growth and diversification, making it a significant draw for investment in the real estate sector, particularly in pre-construction condos. The city’s economy is anchored by strong industries such as finance, technology, healthcare, and education, contributing to its status as one of North America’s most dynamic economic centers. This economic vitality attracts businesses and a skilled workforce from around the globe, fueling continuous population growth and urban development.

The sustained economic expansion in Toronto directly impacts the real estate market. As businesses thrive and the job market grows, there is an increasing demand for housing to accommodate the city’s rising number of residents and professionals. This demand is particularly evident in the condo market, where pre-construction units offer an attractive option for living near urban amenities and employment opportunities.

Toronto’s economic growth also fosters a stable and promising environment for real estate investment. Investors are attracted to the city’s real estate market due to the potential for steady appreciation and strong returns on investment. The ongoing development projects and infrastructure improvements further enhance the city’s appeal, suggesting a continued upward trajectory in property values.

Appreciation Potential

The appreciation potential in Toronto’s pre-construction condo market is compelling for investors and homebuyers. This potential is anchored in the city’s robust and stable real estate market, bolstered by fundamental strengths like a steady economy, a continually expanding population, and a consistent demand for housing. The historical performance of Toronto’s real estate, particularly within the condo sector, has demonstrated significant and sustained growth in property values. 

This trend is not merely a reflection of the current market scenario but also indicative of the long-term growth trajectory of the city’s real estate. Moreover, the influx of new developments and urban revitalization projects further enhances the city’s appeal, suggesting that investments made today in pre-construction condos will likely see considerable future appreciation. This enduring upward trend in property values makes the Toronto pre-construction condo market attractive for those seeking long-term, reliable investment growth.

Did you know?

Canada is ranked second in the world for the most LEED-certified buildings, with over 4,700 projects.

Demand and Supply

The supply and demand dynamics in Toronto’s pre-construction condo market play a crucial role in shaping its attractiveness as an investment and residential option. On the demand side, there’s a growing need for housing in the city, driven by population growth, immigration, and the influx of professionals attracted by Toronto’s economic opportunities. This demand is particularly strong in the condo market, as condos represent an accessible and often more affordable entry point into the real estate market, especially for first-time buyers and young professionals.

On the supply side, while there is a significant number of new developments and projects in the pipeline, the rate of construction often struggles to keep pace with the rapidly growing demand. This imbalance between the high demand and relatively slower supply growth contributes to the appreciation of property values and makes pre-construction condos a particularly attractive investment. Developers are continuously launching new projects, but these often sell out quickly due to the high demand, indicating a vibrant and robust market.

In essence, the interplay of demand and supply in Toronto’s pre-construction condo market creates a scenario where investment in these properties is about securing a home and capitalizing on a market with strong growth potential. The high demand ensures a steady interest in these properties, while the limited supply helps maintain their value, making them a sound investment choice.


Toronto’s pre-construction condo market in 2024 stands as a vibrant and promising segment of the city’s real estate landscape. The market offers diverse options, catering to various budgets and preferences, with prices influenced by location, unit size, and amenities. This diversity reflects Toronto’s dynamic nature, appealing to investors and homebuyers.

Key market insights reveal an average price per square foot of $1,270, underlining the sector’s strong investment potential. This is further bolstered by a robust rental market with high demand and a low vacancy rate, coupled with the city’s ongoing population growth and economic expansion. Although increasing, the supply of new condos often struggles to keep pace with the rising demand, enhancing their investment appeal.

The economic growth in Toronto, driven by strong industries and continuous urban development, creates a stable environment for real estate investments. This, along with the market’s consistent appreciation potential, positions pre-construction condos as a wise choice for long-term investment.

The Toronto pre-construction condo market in 2024 offers a unique blend of opportunity and growth, making it an attractive avenue for those seeking to invest in a dynamic and flourishing urban real estate market.

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