LinkedIn Reveals Canada’s 20 Fastest-Growing Jobs: A New Era of Opportunity

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As Canada’s job market continues to evolve amid a slowing economy in 2024, LinkedIn’s “Jobs on the Rise” report offers timely insights for those seeking new opportunities or aiming to future-proof their careers. The report, drawing on unique data, ranks the 20 fastest-growing jobs in Canada over the past five years, providing a window into the workforce’s direction and emerging career opportunities.

Transformative Trends in the Workforce

LinkedIn data reveals a significant shift in job skill sets, with a 25% change since 2015 and a projected 65% shift by 2030 globally. This evolution is partly driven by the acceleration of artificial intelligence and automation, creating both opportunities and challenges for professionals and companies preparing for the future.

Top 20 Fastest-Growing Jobs in Canada

  1. Growth Manager: Responsible for measuring and strategizing company growth. Skills include Strategic Partnerships, Business Development, Product Marketing. Predominantly found in Technology, IT Services & Consulting, and Business Consulting industries.
  1. Energy Advisor: Focuses on reducing home energy consumption. Key skills are Energy Efficiency, Energy Audits, Renewable Energy, with roles primarily in Business Consulting & Services, Oil and Gas, Real Estate.
  1. Wealth Management Associate: Provides administrative and sales support in financial firms. Essential skills include Financial Planning, Wealth Management Services, Investments, mainly in Capital Markets, Credit Intermediation, and Media and Telecommunications.
  1. Diversity and Inclusion Specialist: Develops policies for workplace diversity. Skills required are Facilitation, Diversity Program Development, Diversity Training, with roles in Nonprofit Organizations, Higher Education, and Business Consulting & Services.
  1. Strategy Associate: Works on long-term organizational growth. Key skills are Financial Modeling, Business Strategy, Business Analysis, found in Technology, Business Consulting & Services, Advertising Services.
  1. Head of Partnerships: Manages collaborations with external brands. Strategic Partnerships and Partner Relationship Management are crucial skills, with roles in Technology, Advertising Services, IT Services and IT Consulting.
  1. Labour Relations Specialist: Drafts collective bargaining rules and regulations. Labour Relations, Collective Bargaining, Employee Relations are important skills, with roles in Civic and Social Organizations, Freight and Package Transportation, Higher Education.
  1. Customer Experience Specialist: Ensures positive customer interactions. Skills in Customer Experience, Customer Retention, Time Management are key, found in Airlines and Aviation, Credit Intermediation, Technology.
  1. Cyber Security Analyst: Protects computer networks and data from cyber threats. Cybersecurity, SIEM, Vulnerability Management are essential skills, with roles in IT Services and IT Consulting, Credit Intermediation, Technology.
  1. Sustainability Manager: Implements environmentally responsible policies. Corporate Sustainability, Sustainability Reporting, Corporate Social Responsibility are key skills, with roles in Real Estate, Higher Education, Mining.
  1. Water Resources Engineer: Designs water supply systems. Skills in Hydrology, Stormwater Management, Water Resource Management are essential, with roles in Civil Engineering, Business Consulting & Services, Design Services.
  1. Sales Development Representative: Improves sales and generates new business. Cold Calling, Lead Generation, B2B skills are crucial, in Technology, IT Services and IT Consulting, Business Consulting & Services.
  1. Mergers and Acquisitions Analyst: Works on potential company deals. M&A, Financial Modeling, Valuation skills are key, found in Technology, Business Consulting & Services, Machinery Manufacturing.
  1. Financial Services Manager: Manages financial product sales teams. Skills in Event Planning, Financial Services, Community Outreach are important, with roles in Higher Education, Credit Intermediation, Legal Services.
  1. Director of Philanthropy: Oversees charitable activities. Skills in Philanthropy, Fundraising, Stewardship are crucial, found in Nonprofit Organizations, Higher Education, Fundraising.
  1. Electrical Design Engineer: Designs electrical systems. Electrical Design, Electrical Engineering, AutoCAD skills are essential, in Transportation Equipment Manufacturing, Design Services, Appliances.
  1. Engineering Coordinator: Organizes engineering projects. Skills in AutoCAD, Project Engineering, Manufacturing are key, with roles in Mining, Higher Education, Hospitality.
  1. Procurement Advisor: Manages purchasing of goods and services. Government Procurement, Contract Management, Negotiation skills are crucial, in Oil and Gas, Higher Education, Chemical Manufacturing.
  1. Financial Planner: Leads various financial operations. Skills in Nonprofit Organizations, Event Planning, Financial Services are important, with roles in Higher Education, Credit Intermediation, Legal Services.
  1. Data Management Analyst: Maintains databases and security systems. Data Management, SQL, Data Analysis skills are key, found in Insurance, E-Learning Providers, IT Services and IT Consulting.

Utilizing the Report for Career Advancement

Each job on the list offers insights into remote and hybrid work availability, common skills, primary industries, and top hiring locations. The gender distribution and median years of prior experience for each role are also provided. For those looking to explore new opportunities, the report includes links to current job openings and professional networks. Additionally, LinkedIn offers free courses for upskilling in these fast-growing areas.

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