First International MLS Forum: Global Leaders Gather to Discuss Need for Unified Data Standard

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RESAAS Services Inc., a leading technology solutions provider in the real estate sector, recently hosted the first-ever International MLS Forum, an event organized, hosted, and moderated by Joe Schneider, the company’s Head of Industry Development. The forum brought together over 100 leaders from 32 countries, representing various segments of the global real estate industry.

The focus of the event was to address “the importance of a single global real estate data standard as the basis for industry innovation.” Schneider, drawing from his extensive experience as the former Director of Global Strategy at the National Association of Realtors, highlighted the pressing need for standardization in global real estate transactions.

Explaining the motivation behind the forum, Schneider emphasized, “In most countries besides the U.S. and Canada, real estate markets are loosely regulated and have virtually no central data repositories or standards. Most brokers outside North America focus their efforts on hyper-local markets.”

The forum aimed to foster collaboration among global thought leaders to develop solutions that encourage international cooperation, knowledge sharing, and technological innovation. Schneider envisioned leveraging technology to bring high-quality real estate market data to global brokerages and agencies.

The success of the International MLS Forum marks a significant step towards standardizing real estate practices globally, addressing the challenges posed by the current lack of uniformity in data standards across different countries.

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